Justin Marney

Summary of Qualifications

  • Expert Ruby and Ruby on Rails developer.
  • Practitioner of test-driven development and pair programming.
  • Interested in building software that's easy to maintain and enjoyable to extend.


Senior Engineer, Yammer/Microsoft

  • Implemented the following critical features used by millions of customers.
  • Memcache Datacenter Migration, Tech-Lead/Developer
    • Migrated the primary Memcache cluster to a new DC without downtime.
    • Configured and deployed Mcrouter, a Memcache routing proxy.
    • Introduced monitored, availability-zone-aware node fallback configuration.
    • Added a hot standby cluster located in an alternate DC.
    • Improved memcache logging, metrics gathering and on-call alerting.
    • Reduced overall cluster load by identifying and removing unnecessary key space.
  • Development Environment Migration, Tech-Lead/Developer
    • Migrated AWS based development environment to an automated Vagrant build system.
    • Used Packer to automate the generation of a complete Yammer development environment.
    • Configured Jenkins to build nightly Vagrant images using Packer.
    • Reduced development environment setup time from hours to minutes.
  • Open Graph Object Infrastructure Refactoring, Tech-Lead/Ruby Developer
    • Refactoring and quality improvement project motivated by integration with Microsoft Delve.
    • Removed thousands of lines of code.
    • Simplified infrastructure design, reducing hardware footprint by multiple physical hosts.
    • Resolved hundreds of bugs due to legacy multi-service double dispatch.
    • Migrated and scrubbed millions of corrupted records.
  • Featured Feed, Ruby/Rails Developer
    • Display a feed of relevant messages, per a variety of signals, as the main Yammer feed.
    • Tuned signal decays and interaction weights to prevent "self-promoting threads".
    • Handled user feed preferences and feed "stickiness".
    • Created feed routing logic based on network messaging activity.
    • Implemented using Ruby/Rails, PostgreSQL, Memcached and RabbitMQ.
  • Thread Share, Ruby/Rails Developer
    • Allow a user to share a particular message into another thread.
    • Provide a combined feed of all messages that shared a particular message.
    • Accounted for group privacy toggling and message visibility on a per-user basis.
    • Implemented using Ruby/Rails, PostgreSQL and Memcached.

Senior Developer, Viget Labs

  • Primary backend Ruby and Ruby on Rails developer on the following succesfully funded applications.
  • Privia Health, Lead Developer
    A complete concierge healthcare platform including nutrition tracking, lab test result integration, and doctor patient bi-directional messaging.
  • Bypass, Lead Developer
    HTML5 mobile web app that lets you skip the concession line at a stadium venue by ordering food on your phone. The platform is comprised of a mobile ordering application, touch screen fulfillment interface, and an administration application that services over 15 stadium venues.
  • Dwell Agent, Lead Developer
    Real estate website content management tool. Allows agents to create an online presence with individual property sites that include virtual tours and IDX listings.

Developer, Matrix Group

  • Developed multi-tier application using MSSQL, NHibernate, C#, and ASP.Net in order to streamline a lengthy paper and mail-based process.
  • Focused on applying design patterns and an object-oriented architecture to handle multiple core system upgrades over a 3-year period.
  • Developed a central e-commerce and membership database by integrating with an in-house Python-based association management system.

Community Contributions

  • Founder of Ruby Hacknight
    Co-Founded a Ruby user group focused on bringing together beginner and experienced hackers in a friendly setting. Organized monthly meetups from 2009-2011 with a user base of over 250 members.
  • Hackday
    Helped plan and lead a series of free 1/2 day workshops on various Ruby and Ruby on Rails topics such as Refactoring Rails Controllers, Test-Driven Development in Rails, and Ruby Meta-Programming.

Open Source

  • simple_importer: Simple API for importing from csv, tsv and xml
  • crags: Search across multiple craigslist locations
  • cijoel: A cijoe-like server in erlang
  • duke: Manage multiple cijoe instances through a cli or web interface
  • riak-node: Experimental event-based node riak client
  • rmonome: Ruby monome library
  • pygrack: Syntax highlighting middleware via the Unofficial Pygments API
  • lwjac: light-weight jsonp comments via riak and sinatra
  • js-templates-benchmark: Benchmarking Handlebars.js and Moustache.js
  • processing: My processing sketchbook



  • Viget Labs Extend: Author posts on Ruby and Ruby on Rails topics.
  • sorescode.com: Publish articles on various topics both developer and personally oriented.